Double Dap-Dipping: What’s Next for Daptone Records

After more than 100 records, a Grammy nomination and multiple documentaries, Daptone Records is as unassuming as ever. The brown, two-story building housing the label’s studio and HQ has few hints of the soulful sounds created in its interior, save for the faint remnants of a vigil for the late Charles Bradley on the front stoop. Inside, […]

For years, there was Playboy for blind people, then a Republican congressman tried to kill it

Unlike most of Playboy’s readers in the 1970s, one select group was definitely reading it for the articles: the magazine’s blind subscribers. And though the photo content was lost in translation, the edition they received had curves in all the right places — because it was written in Braille. Before the blind and visually impaired had screen […]

‘The Boogaloo Never Died:’ How The Quintessential Music of 1960s New York Is Making A Comeback

Upbeat boogaloo and the more diverse, romantic Latin soul were revolutionary, socially conscious, and dancefloor-ready. The music absolutely took over the northern boroughs’ youth culture, which was often plagued by gangs, poverty, and racism that were the prelude to New York City’s near bankruptcy in 1975.